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We are an independently owned and operated Malt House committed to supplying the highest quality, locally sourced grains to Southeastern breweries. Our passion is fostering a connection between farmers, breweries, and their shared communities.

“We love using Carolina Malt in our beer, not just for the high quality standard of their product. The dedication Carolina Malt shows toward using local ingredients, inspiring creativity, and providing exemplary customer service is a perfect match for our brewery's own ethos.”

Scott Griffin Head Brewer Legion Brewing

“I have really enjoyed working with Carolina Malt House as our primary grain supplier. Their commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled. With a focus on using nearby, local farms we know they are both supporting our community and providing our brewery with grains grown right in our own backyard. This allows us to give our customers fresh, local beer with true Carolina flavor.”

Jason McKnightOwner & Head Brewer Cabarrus Brewing Company

“We've been using the Carolina Gold malt as our main Two Row base grain for most of our small batch, unique brews out of our original brewhouse (15bbl) over the past several months. I've used it as the base grain for most of our one off and smaller batch IPAs, pale ales, Red ales and dark beer offerings with more than satisfactory results. The grain is clean and consistent, with a great neutral grain flavor that allows it to be used for the base of many different styles. I love that the grain is grown under 30 miles away from our brewhouse where we use it and love the versatility and consistency even more. Since the grain is so close, we not only get a hyper-local product, it arrives on extremely short notice as well. ”

Chad HendersonHead Brewer & Co-Owner NoDa Brewing

“New Sarum Brewing Company has been fortunate enough to be able to use Carolina Malt House malt since their conception. The owners are very passionate about community, local partnerships and most of all creating very highest quality craft malt. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very driven. They have wonderful costumer service and their produces are stellar to say the least. We would highly recommend them and their wonderful products to any brewery for sure! ”

Andy MabenBrewmaster & Co-owner New Sarum Brewing

“Triple C has been solely utilizing Carolina Malt on our 7 BBL Pilot brewhouse and we could not be happier. Not only do we love brewing with locally grown and malted barley and wheat, we really enjoy the flavor as well as we've noticed an increase in efficiency from our Lauter Tun.”

Scott KimballHead Brewer & Co-owner Triple C Brewing

“Amor Artis Brewing is very excited about making you guys the supplier of all of our base malt. The reason we chose to do this is we love what you guys are doing when it comes to sourcing your grain from so close. The quality of the grain a huge factor as well. Since we have transitioned over we have been letting people know and they have been giving great reviews. Last is the customer service. Henry is amazing at his job and he is always quick to respond with orders and information. Thanks you for helping us make great local beers for our little town of Fort Mill, SC. Cheers.”

Travis TolsonHead Brewer & Co-Owner Amor Artis Brewing

“When we first heard about what the folks out at Carolina Malt House were doing, we had to take a look and try their malt. We brewed a Golden Strong and used 100% of their pilsner malt. We absolutely loved how the beer turned out. It had a classic straw color and it gave the beer the grainy-sweetness that really rounded it out. The performance of the malt through the brewing process was also spot on and we nailed our numbers. Those are important aspects in brewing but they also strive to be very sustainable and sourcing locally grown barley is just awesome. These guys are doing it right and it shows every time we brew.­”

Jon SchneiderOwner & Head Brewer Sideways Farm & Brewery

“We have been impressed with all the malts we have tested from Carolina Malt House. We are in the process of working in their malts in a number of our grain bills and we are seeing some positive results in both efficiency and flavor. We also love using malt from the Carolinas and promote as local grain to glass which is popular with our customers. Keep up the good work guys!”

Matty SymonsOwner & Head Brewer Two Blokes Brewing

“We at SNAFU made a conscience decision to source locally grown ingredients for our brewery. We all ask our local market to think and drink locally and it seems only fair we do the same with ingredients. Carolina Malt House gave us a personal connection from day one. Since switching to Carolina Gold as our base malt we have noticed an added depth of complexity in the malt profile of our beers.”

Andrew ThorntonHead Brewer Snafu Brewing Company

“I use Carolina Malt because I know that I'm getting a consistent product that provides a nice malt flavor in the beer. We have implemented their malt into our top 3 most popular beers and absolutely love the results. The added bonus of great customer service is what keeps us buying Carolina Malt time and time again.”

Skyler LachenmayrHead Brewer Dreamchaser's Brewing


Connecting breweries to our region’s experienced small grain farmers.


From the field, to storage, to malting; we have our hands in every step to ensure the highest quality.


Offering the lowest contract prices on the highest quality, locally sourced malt.


Bringing dollars back to North Carolina’s agricultural economy.

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